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90 gelatin capsules


In the United States, an extensive meta-analysis published in JAMA comparing chondroitin sulfate to glucosamine demonstrated the impressive superiority of chondroitin sulfate.*

ArthroCare® is free of glucosamine or other simple sugars that, according to Japanese and U.S. researchers, may aggravate glucose intolerance and yeast overgrowth and inflammation.*

There is a dramatic difference between genuine chondroitin sulfate and imitation chondroitin sulfate.* According to one raw-material distributor in the U.S., imitation chondroitin has been sold “by the ton.” Apparently, some manufacturers overseas have formulated raw materials specifically to mislead laboratory tests, including USP tests.*

LIDTKE Medical requested samples of chondroitin from different producers, and using advanced differentiation techniques we separated out the producers of fake chondroitin from those that produce genuine chondroitin. We make sure to only use suppliers that consistently deliver the real thing.

Silica is one of several essential elements that complements chondroitin sulfate.* Silica is responsible for building molecular bridges in connective tissue that give your ligaments and tendons form and tensile strength.*

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