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PS Complex

The key ingredient in MemorEase is Phosphatidylserine, which is found in all the cells of the body and has been the subject of many clinical studies.* In studies spanning several decades, PS consistently is reported to influence memory, learning and focus.*

For Memory

Phosphatidylserine is unique in the nutrient kingdom according to Parris Kidd, Ph.D., author of Nature’s Brain Booster, “Phosphatidylserine (PS) is more concentrated in the brain than in any other tissue of the body.”

He goes on to say, “The findings from controlled clinical trials suggest that when the dietary intake of phosphatidylserine is doubled- or better still – quadrupled by taking it as a dietary supplement, a majority of individuals derive measurable brain benefits. The modest supply of phosphatidylserine coming from the modern diet simply may not be adequate to support optimal brain function.”

PS serves a vital structural role and is a major component of all your cell membranes. Because of its unique structure, with one end of the molecule attracted to fats and the other end attracted to water, PS can align itself to form the bi-layered membranes needed by all your cells.*

Early in life, PS is manufactured by your body and found in heaviest concentration where electrical activity is highest, in your brain and nerve tissue.* But, like so many things, production declines with age, and even under the best of circumstances, we consume no more than 100 mg per day in our diet.*

Phosphatidylserine was first introduced to consumers in Europe. At the time, the only source was bovine. Since then, manufacturers have learned how to make PS from soy lecithin, and now nearly all PS products are highly refined extracts of soy lecithin. A few manufacturers, including Lidtke Medical, source PS from a sunflower source and are 100% soy-free.

For Sleep

Although this product is primarily intended to support a healthy brain and better memory, LIDTKE Medical has received numerous testimonials claiming that it helps greatly to support restful sleep.* This might be explained by the fact that Phosphatidylserine can supress cortisol, and persons with cortisol reversal will trypially toss and turn all night due to excessive cortisol being released during sleep hours.* These individuals are perhaps benefitting from these cortisol-supressing effects, thus making PS Complex a suitable sleep supplement for some individuals.*

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